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RD Editor Supporting Other RDs, Health Care Professionals, & Nutrition Students

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Why Proofreading & Editing are Essential to Your Credibility

Registered Dietitians work hard to establish their place in health care, as brand ambassadors, as experts on social media, within academic and research settings, in institutions, and as public health advocates within their communities.

When we share our ideas and research in written form- whether as an Instagram post, a website blog, or a research publication- it's vital that our words come across as intended. 

Typos, misspellings, grammar mistakes, and how information is worded can crumble a dietitian's good intentions and credibility. 

Using a proofreader or editor to double-check your work can help prevent: 

  • uncomfortable disputes online

  • lawsuits

  • loss of clients

  • loss of web traffic

  • embarrassment

  • grant denials

  • job/gig offers

  • lower grades

  • recipe mistakes


An editor who knows your business can help you save time and focus on what you do best -sharing your expertise to help others.​

About Edible Edits

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Colleen Wysocki, MS, RDN, CLC

Colleen is the owner of Edible Edits, a proofreading and editing service designed specifically for dietitians who write. Colleen previously worked in marketing and communications roles writing for Fortune 500 companies. She has also written and edited for non-profits, academia, food writers, and government agencies domestically and internationally. She had over 15 years of writing and editing experiencing when she earned her Master’s degree in Food Science & Human Nutrition and became an RD in 2018.

Today, she runs Edible Edits part-time and works full-time for WIC in Santa Cruz, CA.

Edible Edits offers affordable, quick-turnaround proofreading and editing for everything from the one-off marketing flyer, to the recurring newsletter, to the full-length nutrition book. As an RD, Colleen has the ability to assist in content development if needed, but can simply focus on the spelling and grammar for a low-cost second set of eyes on a short writing piece.


Edible Edits makes it simple to share your writing project via email or a link to a share drive. For a flat-fee, proofreading services can be performed quickly without a quote. 


Quotes for editing services are provided within 48 hours of an email or phone consultation.  


Edible Edits also offers subscriptions for monthly content ideas for your ongoing blogs and podcasts.


As an editor, Colleen can provide reputable and honest reviews for writers trying to promote their first books online.

Our Services



For a flat fee of $25, spelling and grammar are corrected for up to 8 pages. 

9-16 pages= $50

17-24 pages= $75

25-32 pages= $100


Copy Editing

Starting at $28/hour, technical suggestions are made for syntax, active/passive voice, diction, and organization 

Provide number of pages and editing services needed to get a quote within 48 hours.


Content Editing

Starting at $40/hour, Content Editing will point out what’s missing, what content should change (including photos, tables, graphs, sources, sections of text), and may include minor rewriting suggestions.

Provide details of your project and needs on our Content Editing quote request page or call us to discuss your needs.


Content Ideas

For $15/month, 10 nutrition topics for blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and social media posts can arrive in your inbox. Both evergreen and seasonal nutrition topics will reduce your prep time and set you up to start writing sooner.

"Colleen is an extremely organized and thorough editor. I would highly recommend her for any writing or editing project.”

Ana Reisdorf, MS, RD

Content Agency Owner

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